7 Strategies Making Money From Blogging

The logic behind blogging is to replace the traditional way of writing on a journal by a more sophisticated method that likewise allows sharing to the rest of the virtual community. This is a reason for internet marketers to use blogs in advertising their products or services. Likewise, there are people who are willing to create blog to serve such purpose. If you are one of them, here are seven blogging strategies that you can use to make money.

Big Blog Route

A big blog route site is also called a flagship blog site where you are supposed to create a few blog entries. These blog entries are must sound incredible in order to gain recognition from their specific target market, given that this market uses the blog site for gathering information. A big blog site is considered the most profitable blogging channel because it serves a wider user base. However, it is also time consuming because you need to have marketing expertise, as well as networking skills.

Pay per Post Blog Route

In this strategy, you create multiple niche blogs that you have to maintain for a certain period of time. This means that you have to create the content by writing blogs every time in order to build up the search ranks of the websites that you are writing for. These blogs may be on your own domain or free hosts. In order to start earning money from this strategy, you may contact several blog websites and write for them.

Automated Blogging Route

An automated blog route requires you to set up blogs that can pull content from search engines, RSS feeds, and other sources automatically. Bloggers do this in order to pull excerpts from the RSS feeds, with risks of plagiarism if links are not provided. This strategy only requires little work in maintain the blog sites since you do not have to actively create blog content every time.

Text Link Selling Blog

Your job in this strategy is to sell text links to different webmasters who aim to improve their website ranking in search engine search results. In this strategy, you can transform a domain into text links. You can also buy a domain that has a PageRank in order make money out of selling text links.

Made for Affiliate Program Route

In this strategy, you set up a blog revolving around a certain topic that is used with high priced keywords. With about 25 keyword-rich articles, you can have them optimized for search. Then you can set up affiliate programs and you are done.

Contract Blogging Route

Here, you join a blog network, create blog contents, and maintain them. Your payment is based on the number of internet user views. Although there seems to be a lot of work in this, you maintain steady income, which is good enough.

Branding Route

If you own an online business that can host services such as internet marketing and web design, you can include blog services in your package. However, you should use this strategy carefully as you do not want to blemish your branding.