Share Thoughts, Make Money

Different innovations which help bridge interactions and greatly improve communication through distance are fast emerging. Thanks to the wonderful technology of internet, it is easier to reach our loved ones and even to those we want to know more. Aside from electronic mails, chat rooms and instant messengers, blogs have become a personal bridge between people.

For those who are not familiar yet, weblog or more popularly known as blog is a site where bloggers, the authors of the blog contents, can publish anything. It can be his or her thoughts, opinions, feelings, experiences and even comments on issues and so on. Photos, videos and other graphics can also make blogs more remarkable and interesting. A blog is more of an online personal diary.

Blogs are originally made to welcome the opinions and insights of its target audience, therefore, should not be written to sound intimidating and too strict. This kind of blog encourages more readers to come back over and over. This is scientifically supported by studies that proves human has a need to be heard to assure self-importance. It is important to know that blogging is all about individuals reaching out to other individuals. And the window of welcoming their opinion is a way to create a line of communication between you as the blogger and your audience.

Blogging through time, has emerged not only as a personal vent but has proved itself as a cost-effective way of advertising products. This is where making money through blogs comes in. Here are some things that your blog has to possess for it to become a successful source of revenue:

Comments, which are posting a space for other people's opinions poses an opportunity for dialogue. This is an effective way of getting customer feedback for a business. On the other hand, it is a way of opening the eyes for other individual's points of view on the things that you have written. But for a blogger who targets more money, it is one of the reasons why your readers will go back to your site over and over.

Categories and tags is the way of classifying your blogs for searches done using the different search engines and syndications available online. This is how most of your possible customers, audiences and possibly new clients may be able to track you down.

Great content is the most important thing that a moneymaking blog has to possess. It is the best way of driving new as well as returning traffic to your blog. If you, as the blogger, is able to make your readers interested, you can make them come back to your site over and over. They might even put up a link of your site to promote you on their personal blogs or network profiles causing more traffic returning to your site and making it more popular. More than the popularity, it is the revenue that is driven in to your site or blog because of the traffic.